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Number 16, and counting

By winning his fourth Australian Open title, Roger puts space between himself and Peter Sampras with a stunning career 16 Grand Slam titles.

Here’s what he had to say the day after:

“I thought it was some of my best tennis, it’s always hard to judge if was it your finest performance [because] it also depends who you play.”

“I thought yesterday was a very tactical match, always against [Andy] Murray it’s very interesting because I think he neutralises his opponents so for me to be able to play aggressive, controlled aggression really, I thought I did a great job.”

Regarding his twin daughters:

“I woke up and I couldn’t sleep anymore so I went for a cuddle with them, they came to bed and it was beautiful. Then I went back to sleep for another hour but it was nice seeing them in the morning, I actually saw one of them late last night because she woke up. It’s nice after such a win even though they have no clue what just happened, you try to still celebrate a little bit with them.”